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Best Event Talks: The Art of Social Media for Events by Justin Gonzalez [VIDEO]

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Scriptwriters are master storytellers who can evoke powerful emotions from people. If you’ve ever watched a movie and was suddenly hit to your core by something a character said, then the scriptwriter can comfortably say that he’s done his job well. This should be the same thing we ask ourselves: are we resonating with our audience and making them feel what we want them to feel?

This is what Justin Gonzalez shared in this week’s Best Event Talk about the art of social media for events. Gonzalez is the Marketing Communications Manager at Double Dutch and he’s responsible for delivering their brand’s messaging across different social media platforms. Double Dutch is an event application that helps keep track of all your events in one single view.

In the talk, Gonzalez gave a straightforward and easy-to-understand presentation on how to use the art of social media for events to engage your target market, whether during the event itself or as part of your strategy to reach your audience. He talks about roles and how to send messages both across a mass audience as well as to definite target market. Focusing on Twitter, he especially mentioned hashtagging as a way to listen to conversations, engage the people you want to talk to, and turn them into customers, or in this case, attendees.

Social media has made it easy to personalize and target engagements during events. While it’s made conversations a bit longer, it also made them more meaningful.

If you’re looking for a way to create different and more personalized experiences for your audience, this talk is a must watch for you. Just like scriptwriters, you can also weave a perfect brand experience with your target market through the art of social media.

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