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16 Creative Lamps and Chandeliers To Inspire Your Event Lighting

By December 17, 2014 3 Comments

In the words of Brick from Anchorman, “I love lamp.” Sometimes the best inspiration for events come outsides of the events industry. This is why we have decided to bring you 16 creative lamp and chandeliers to inspire your event lighting. We want to send a huge shout out to BoredPanda for inspiring us (ironically) to create this post. So without further adieu, we’d like to present you with our pick for these awesome lighting fixtures to make your next event lighting amazing. 

Interactive Cloud Lamp Will Bring A Thunderstorm Into Your Space

Designed By Richard Clarkson


Greenhouse Lamp

Designed by Kristyna Pojerova




Peel Wall Light

Designed By Yoy-idea.jp


creative-lamps-chandeliers-18-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-18-3


Octopus Chandelier

Designed By: masonscreations.com


creative-lamps-chandeliers-2-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-2-3


Lumio: Portable Book-Shaped Light

Designed by : hellolumio.com

creative-lamps-chandeliers-21-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-21-2

Ice Cream Cone Bulb Sockets

Designed by Alex Garnett


Balloon Lamp

Designed by platinlux.com


Ripple Bulbs

Credits to: Poetic Lab



Astro Lamp

Credits to: paper-cellophane.blogspot.ca – You can buy here


Medusae Pendant Lamp Shades

Credits to: Roxy Towry-Russell

creative-lamps-chandeliers-16-2 creative-lamps-chandeliers-16-1

Broken Plates Chandelier in Waddesdon Manor

Credits to: khaosproductions & athousandmiles-k.blogspot.com


Fish Lamps

Designed by Frank Gehry (Image credits: gagosian.com)

creative-lamps-chandeliers-5-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-5-2

Real Dandelions Turned Into Gorgeous OLED Lights

Designed by Takao Inoue

creative-lamps-chandeliers-4-3 creative-lamps-chandeliers-4-2

Starry Light

Image credits: starrylightlamps.com

creative-lamps-chandeliers-23-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-23-3

LED Mushroom Lamps

Designed by Yukio Takano

creative-lamps-chandeliers-8-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-8-2

Old Bike Parts Turned Into A Chandelier

Designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

creative-lamps-chandeliers-12-1 creative-lamps-chandeliers-12-2 creative-lamps-chandeliers-12-3

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  • Justin Knox

    Thank you for the ideas. I am trying to help plan a big work party in two months. I love the light fixture that is made out of little gears. It creates some really cool shadows throughout the room. Is that a common fixture option?

    • Hey Justin, it is not! It’s a custom lighting fixture but I’m sure could recreated with gobos. 🙂

  • Wenni27 Donna

    Wow! These lamps are just adorable. Will definitely have balloon lamps in my wedding at one of famous event space Chicago. This will make venue looks more beautiful and attractive. I am sure this idea of light lamps will be liked by everyone.

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